Issues Jesus Actually Talked About that Are Legal in the U.S.


Not me, obviously, I could never be that succinct.

Just from Matthew (and I’m sure I overlooked some):

  1. Having angry thoughts about anyone
  2. Fighting back (not even to mention capital punishment)
  3. Committing adultery
  4. Divorce for anything other than infidelity
  5. Taking oaths
  6. Refusing to give your coat to someone who asks
  7. Only loving people who love you back
  8. Making public donations to people in need
  9. Praying in public (yes, still legal, I promise)
  10. Being showy about your faith
  11. Storing up money and possessions
  12. Worrying
  13. Judging others
  14. Doing things to others you would not want done to you
  15. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit
  16. Speaking carelessly
  17. Asking for a miracles as a sign
  18. Cursing your mom or dad
  19. Lying
  20. Sexual Immorality (well, some types anyway)
  21. Hypocrisy
  22. Trying to save your life yourself
  23. Being unchildlike
  24. Causing children to sin
  25. Not selling everything to give to the poor
  26. Living for any reason other than serving others
  27. Fig trees bearing fruit
  28. Loving God with anything less than all you have
  29. Giving money for good causes but not being merciful, just or faithful
  30. Not feeding the hungry
  31. Not clothing the naked
  32. Not looking after the sick
  33. Not visiting  prisoners
  34. Pointing out other people’s faults while you’re still struggling with any of the above.

We have so much work to do, and we’ve already wasted so much time and effort on gay marriage. No matter where you fall on the issue, can’t we all agree that we’re far from eliminating hunger, or child abuse, or even just being faithful and just in our own lives? It’s time to let this one go and get to work. Once we finish all that, then we can fight about gay marriage.